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Our Design

RLL’s boats are the ultimate in functionality, comfort and style.

As with all boats space is precious and we build with this in mind with innovative use of space for storage. Designs are based on a traditional style with modern refinements and each boat is uniquely designed with the customer in mind.

Our wide-beam barges are a perfect option for cruising the larger waterways of the UK and Europe.

They are becoming increasingly popular as live-aboard homes and give popular waterside apartments a run for their money as an alternative to expensive city living. The wide-beam barges are robust and durable and have an elegant and uncomplicated style. They are built with functionality in mind, utilising spare spaces for storage and the width of the boat lends itself to freestanding furniture. Once inside our wide-beam barges can feel like a small apartment as opposed to a boat. Dutch style barges offer the comfort of a home from home experience.


Perfect to live aboard or ideal for the weekend getaway with the extra space useful for socialising with friends and exploring our waterways.

We don’t just build inland waterways “If its made of steel we can build it”. Have a look through our gallery to see the range of boats available including catamarans and work boats. All boats can be built to different stages Hull only, Sail away or fully fitted. We will build to as far as the customers budget will allow us.

We encourage all our customers to visit the workshop as often as they can throughout the build of the boat to experience the manufacturing, craftsmanship and dedication that goes in to every boat we build.