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Bespoke New Builds

At RLL our unique way of building and designing boats alongside our customers makes us a completely BESPOKE boat builder, allowing the customer to have as much say over the design as the actual designers themselves.

As you will see in our Gallery we have built many different designs including the standard “Kit boats” for instance Branson Boat design of the “Thomas” (Ocean Wave2) which comes in various sizes from 50ft through to 66ft, then there is the Coaster also a Branson Boat design which is available at 49ft.

Also available in our gallery you will see some of the unique designs of some of our own designs such as the Euroconnexion (Fanore) which is based on a Thomas design but built with a fixed wheelhouse and the aft cabin was extended in the length and width to give a larger outside seating area and also two steering positions this is also available in various lengths and the width of 13ft4’.

Then you will see some of designs that we have adapted and re-designed with our customer ideas and individual unique designs in mind, there are a few variations of the “Peniche” style barge such as “loftus” which is a 45 ft x 13ft 6’ then you have “Out of the Blue” which is also a Peniche design but is 50ft x 13ft6’ although they can be built in pretty much any length the customer requires due to it being our own design.

We then have the “Avon Barge” which is our own design that we have adapted to allow the customer to utilise the full amount of internal space, This can be built in many lengths and widths but again that can be altered to suit the customer. The “Avon Barge” can be built with an open deck on the back or a fixed wheelhouse but also a wheelhouse that can be built so it is easily dropped down for access to lower bridges.

Our all New and completely unique design of Dutch barge is “Bellus Diem” Name this is our first Boat of this design she is 60ft x 12ft6’. What Makes BELLE different from the rest of the Dutch barge style of boats is that she has an internal corridor between cabins and a separate full height engine room allowing for easier access for maintenance. She also has a completely modern and unique interior design from the traditional Barges that you are used to seeing.

All our Bespoke Designs are built with a slight ‘vee’ bottom this will give you as the customer far more control over the handling of the boat.

Due to the Design of our frame work it gives you a far stronger and longer lasting shell, Also allowing you to utilise the exterior roof space and deck areas.

At RLL our bespoke promise is that you will never see another boat like yours giving you your own unique design on the water. Nothing is too much trouble here at RLL from the smallest touches to the larger requests we are here to bring your dreams into reality.